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GVRF Global Employment Resources, LLC, duly registered and licensed under NYS Department of State Division of Corporations, is one of the leading employment recruitment Agencies that provides Medical/HealthCare workers, Teachers, Computer Programmers, Oil, Gas, food, Beverage, Construction, Hospitality and other skilled and non-skilled workers that are in vast shortage throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide.

We are primarily a recruitment and sourcing Agency based in Upstate New York.

We pride ourselves in the commitment to provide the highest quality of service in every aspect of the recruitment industry. Our 30 years of combined experience has given us all the expertise and resources needed to excel in this recruitment business and in doing so, we have established good relationship not only with our Hospital Clients, Companies and other Agencies, but from our previous applicants as well.

Our mission, to provide assistance and most importantly, help clients and other Companies alleviate the burden in the recruitment, selection and placement of qualified and highly competent individuals.

Why Choose Global Employment Resources, LLC

  • We recruit only the best and the brightest from a variety of Professions and conduct extensive pre-screening to identify candidates who will excel in their fields.
  • We guarantee the highest level of professionalism and customer support you can rely on.
  • We provide hassle-free, step by step approach of all the processing involving the selection and interviewing of applicants by the Employer, verifications of credentials and licenses, filing of Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) petition, and up to the arrival of prospective candidate to the employer.

For more information about our staffing solutions, we invite you to Contact Us today.

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